How to EASILY Upload Your Photos onto your Computer and the Web

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FIRST:  "Getting your Photos from your camera to your computer" or "Downloading pictures to a PC"

Tip: It's usually MUCH faster to use a memory card reader to copy your pictures than to connect your camera to your computer with a cable.  The cable that came with your camera (if so equipped), is very SLOW to transfer photos and uses the battery from your camera as the power source!

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Computer USB Port

1.  Connect the USB Card Reader to one of the computer's USB ports. These ports are usually located on the back of the computer.

Tip: MANY new Printers in the past 2 years have memory card readers built in (and a few Computers too) so you may skip this step BUT be sure to read about the SDHC Card Compatibility below as you still may need a new reader for these new cards.

 New Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) Cards

Tip:  When looking for a Card Reader there are a few things to consider.  Look for a SDHC Compatible Reader.  SDHC is the latest format that the SD card companies are using for large capacity cards (over 4GB).  You MUST have a SDHC Compatible reader or the new cards cannot be read!  Be sure to always check before purchasing a card that YOUR camera can use the size AND format.

Left:  15-in1 Card Reader
Right:  Single SD Card Reader
(Not SDHC)

Kodak Easy Share Dock
(Works like a Card Reader)

Tip:   Consider a Multi Card reader.  You may be purchasing your next camera with another type card format, have a friend or relative drop by with some photos to share on another format and need to download them or you can save the day on vacation by bringing one along to help others download their photos to view them.  These are very small (about 3" wide) and super lightweight.

Tip:  These card readers also take the new mini-SD and mini-SDHC cards that the latest cell and smart phones are using.  This make it easy to transfer the photos you take on those as well!

Tip:  You can use these to also transfer Music/Files from your Computer to Phone or phone to computer.  Or one Computer to another!  Save $$$ buy not having to burn CDs/DVDs!
2.  When the card reader is connected, you may see the message "Building new driver info, and "New Hardware found" installing...". Wait until your PC tells you, "Your new Device is ready to use".  NOTE:  If you see the following error message, "You do not have sufficient security privileges to install devices on this computer...", try plugging the Card Reader into the other USB port. If the error persists, you will need to download the pictures either on a Mac or on a PC where you have administrative privileges.  Usually the device drivers (the software that "tells" the computer what device you just plugged in) works just fine automatically.
3.  Turn off your camera and take the memory card out of your camera and gently place it in the card reader.
4.  If the Card Reader is already plugged in to one of your computer's USB ports then as soon as the card is inserted fully, it will open a dialog bog on your screen asking you how you want the photos to be transferred to your computer. 

Tip:  The EASY way is to select "Import Pictures".  This way a step-by-step wizard will walk you through the process.

Tip:  Microsoft has a nice help page showing you expanded directions on how to do this.  Click Here

5.  Once the Photos are on your computer, you can print them, view them, email them, or upload them to a photo sharing site to share with friends/family. 

Tip:  Be sure to delete the photos off the Memory Card before reinserting into camera.  Nothing worse than getting ready to take some new photos and seeing "No Memory on Card" come up in your camera.  NOTE:  Do not erase photos from your memory card until you are positive you’ve saved them on the hard drive!

NEXT:  "Getting your Photos from your computer to the Internet or "The Web"
Before we start this section.  There are a few thing you MUST know about photos
Your new digital camera is good. Maybe too good, in fact. Even today's bargain-priced cameras offer default resolutions of 3 megapixels or better. At those settings, it's a snap to shoot spectacular-looking pictures that you can't resist sharing with friends and family. So what's the problem? Those gorgeous, in-living-color, high-resolution images translate into enormous files, often weighing in at a megabyte or more. If you attach one or more of those humongous files to an e-mail message, you're likely to cause chaos at both ends of the connection.

Here are just a few of the problems you're likely to encounter when you try to send digital picture files as e-mail attachments:

Many e-mail accounts have size limits. Free email accounts have a limit of 2 MB, for instance. Internet service providers often limit mail accounts to 10 MB or less. You can fill up a friend's inbox with two or three large pictures, at which point he can no longer receive e-mail from anyone.
Big attachments take a long time to download. Not everyone has broadband access. And there's no telling what Uncle Joe will have to say about you when he discovers that it will take an hour or more to download your pictures over his pokey dial-up connection.
Not everyone has a compatible image viewer. Up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer automatically scale oversize images so they fit in the browser window. But recipients who are still using older browsers and low screen resolutions may find themselves scrolling (and scrolling and scrolling) to see pieces of the image.

The solution? Shrink those images so they're e-mail friendly or find an alternative way to deliver them.  Windows Vista has a nice included program called "Windows Photo Gallery"  that allows you to easily resize photos before emailing them.

Tip: You can use this to resize then the program attaches the photo to an email.  You then can right click the smaller photo and "Save as" to save it as the smaller size.

Tip: MANY cameras come with an included program on the CD in the package that easily allows you to resize (and correct) photos.

1.  You can either purchase your own Domain (web address name) and website and learn how to upload photos to it (or have your webmaster do it for you) OR  you can use one of several FREE services too easily upload and share  your photos.

2.  Here is a few to check out:


Picasa (now from Google)


Tip: You can "Google" photo sharing and find many sites such as Walgreens and MANY other too.  They are all easy to use and some automatically "Shrink" your original large photos for you (keep in mind that they all have limits on total size on their servers so it is ALWAYS better to resize them your self first!)

I hope this tutorial made sharing your photos easy.  Thanks for visiting my site!

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