My wife got me the BEST present possible for my BIG 50 Birthday!  A week-long SCUBA Live aboard Cruise on the Nekton Pilot  Location Cay Sal Bank

A week-long SCUBA Live aboard Cruise on the Nekton Pilot

Location Cay Sal Bank (see red marker)

Cay Sal Bank is the third largest (after Great Bahama Bank and Little Bahama Bank) and the westernmost of the Bahama Banks. It is located between 23º27'N - 24º10'N and 079º25'W – 080º35'W. In a geographical sense, it is separate from the Bahamas proper as it is much closer to Cuba (from which it is separated by Nicholas Channel, at a distance of 50 km) than to the closest Bahamanian island. It is separated by Santaren Channel from the Great Bahamas Bank, the western rim of which is 50 km to the east. The westernmost tip of Andros, the next closest islands of the Bahamas, is 145 km east of Cay Sal Bank. The Straits of Florida separate it from the United States mainland and the Florida Keys (Key Largo is 100 km to the north).

The blue holes of Cay Sal Bank are most striking. These holes were most likely formed during the ice age when the area was dry land. As the earth collapsed forming a sink hole, a limestone substrate become exposed. Millions of years later as water began to cover the bank, these narrow ridges of limestone became a perfect base for corals and sponges to attach.

Today, divers can enjoy the ancient coral that covers the rims of the blue holes that begin in about 20 -30 feet of water. Colorful tropical fish dart in and out of the coral. Octopus and huge basket stars come out after dark. And a plethora reef sharks call the blue holes home as well make blue hole dives an exciting experience.

The smallest blue hole at Cay Sal Bank is a hundred yards wide, while the largest is a quarter of a mile in diameter. The depth sounder on the boat reads to approximately 400 feet at the holes' centers. The clear waters can have visibility exceeding 100 feet, revealing galleries of stalagmite and stalactite that are more proof that these holes were once caves on dry land.

Special thanks to the awesome CREW of the Nekton Pilot and especially to Capt Nelson who not only kept us all safe being out in the waters when Hurricane Hanna was threatening but for taking me on a private  awesome guided tour of one of the Blue Holes on my BIG 50 Birthday! 

It was incredible! 

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